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      Bill Wright

        I am a member with a question about my hydraulic clutch, Recently I bought a new master and sllave cylinder from classic sunbeam. When I went to hook up my line I found that the master port was the same size as the original but the port on the slave was larger than the fitting on the line. I contacted classic sunbeam and have not had any results, I have searched locally without any luck. Does anyone know where I get a new line made with two different fittings or an adapter ? I am willing to buy adaptors or buy a new line with two different sized fittings.

        Bill Wright

        Alpine series 111

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        I would return the slave cylinder and rebuild your old cylinder. The replacement must be a made in China copy that has Metric fittings. I have an old cylinder you can have for postage costs if you need one to rebuild! Eric

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          Bill, There were two different size lines / fittings used on the Alpines. I don’t know the exact size but there is what I call a large and a small .. as you can see. Even though I knew this I have rebuilt mis-matched pairs before and felt pretty dumb when I finally realized it. As Eric suggested … you might want to rebuild your old slave depending on how pitted it is, you can hone a lot on those things and they will still work. You can buy a 1" cup at you local NAPA for a couple of bucks which might make life a little easier for you.

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          There are two sized British hydraulic line fittings, 3/8 and 7/16. You need a line with one at each end. Your slave cylinder is likely one from the later ’69 Alpine (or Alpine GT). You can get a line from Linden at Imported Auto supply… e-mail is

          Jan Eyerman
          69 Alpine GT

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