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      1725 Motor, Trans, Axles, More

      Contact Joel@

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      Would this motor be able to swap out for the 1500 motor or are they to different


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      Comes with the trans in the deal so I’m assuming yes.

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      There are some detail differences between the 1592 and the 1725 engine but they’re the same dimensions and mount to the car the same so a swap isn’t a big deal. The transmission too is a straightforward swap, unless it is a very late Alpine unit with the 25 spline input and output shafts which require a different clutch plate and driveshaft yoke since the 1592 cars are 10 spline.

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      Thanks for the info. It was built in mid 64 titled as a 65
      I have’nt tried to turn it over yet . I bought it last December
      Just looking for my options if its frozen. It is a complete car low miles


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      Well ad a driveshaft in the deal.

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