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      I have a 1969 Alpine GT (big fastback) that has a 1967 Alpine V roadster engine in it. The clutch is slipping so I plan to replace it…. however I have a question. Does the Alpine V use the same clutch as a ’69 Alpine GT? According to my specs, the ’69 GT used an 8 1/2 inch disk, what did the Alpine V use? I would like to have a new clutch disk, pressure plate and throw out bearing on hand before I tear everything apart. What size disk did the Alpine V use?

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      Bob and Jean Webb

        the series 5 had the 7 1/2 inch clutch. early clutches were coarse spline and late production had the fine spline. not all fastbacks had the 8 1/2 inch clutch. my white car is a low mileage car with the same 7 1/2 inch, fine spline clutch as the late series 5. I have car number 711 and 944 and both have 7 1/2 inch clutches. tear it down first to see what you have.

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        My car is also an early one, a Marina Green (my wife calls it Rubbermaid Green), and it was built just ahead of your older car… it is 709. So I will order Alpine V clutch parts.

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        Bob and Jean Webb

          I would pull the trans first to make sure what you have before buying parts.

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          7 1/2 disc are hard to come by, you may be better off converting to the 8 inch of the earlier Alpines the only thing to change would be the flywheel. 8)

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          Hi Folks,
          Just my 2 cents – I thought that all Arrow cars had the fine spline Clutch and only the Holbay powered cars had the larger clutch fitted – if the clutch is the 7 1/2 fine spline I believe those discs are still available and only the coarse spline discs have dried up.
          I also assume that the suggestion to move to the larger clutch refers only to the later Holbay set up because I do not believe that the Arrow cars, with the longer bell housing, can accommodate the earlier “series” Alpine 8 inch clutch because you also have to change the release fork and pedestal to change even a SV Alpine to the larger, early clutch set up.

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