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      Dan Richardson

        If you review some of the "other" POSTS on the 2.8 V6 Conversions you will find that I am offering components for a full range of items.

        I designed "STRAIGHT-Back" Headers similar to the Tiger system, mine do not "stick out" the side of the car!

        My engine mounts are much more stable than others being offered, they are designed to serve as a "block" to keep the engine from moving too far toward the front of the car when making the initial installation. They come with a "rubber biscuit" that is readily available from multiple Auto Suppliers.

        My transmission brackets are designed for both transmission types, either the Manual 4 spd or the BW35 Auto Alpines. These Transmission brackets are applicable for the late model Mustang T5’s; C3/4 and A4LD Automatic transmissions.

        A key to my offer is that you can purchase any one "single" item or multiples of my components.

        For a full range of components available please go to: or or E-mail:

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        Dan Richardson

          Since we here at TEAE have a new reformed site I wish to say thanks to the two persons that have spent numerous hours getting this made over for the rest of us….

          While here, I also wish to say my Conversion Items are still available for Converting Your Sunbeam Alpine to the FORD 2.8 V6 Cologne Engine.

          Look around and enjoy dreaming of a more performance and dependable Alpine:)

          Thanks for looking,

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