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      I’m thinking about switching to an Edelbrock F4B manifold. Does anyone know how much clearance would be left between the stock air cleaner and the hood? I’d like to be able to use a phenolic spacer under the carb to keep the fuel from percolating.

      Thanks in advance, Phil

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      I just completed the installation of the F4B manifold and Holley carb. The space between the top of the air cleaner and stock hood on my car is some over 1/2 inch. A phenolic spacer of 1/2 inch should clear. I found a .28 inch spacer at a Mustang specialty shop. It has the correct PCV vacuum connection and should have ample clearance for the hood. I am expecting its arrival any day. I’ll post a message on line when I have it installed.

      from sunny South Dakota,


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