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      hello all i am new to the sunbeam world and just purchased a 69 alpine gt and i am in desperate need of help in finding parts and info thanks tons

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      Welcome to the Sunbeam world. You will find this website to be very helpful in your search for parts.
      There are other sites as well that are quite active and may be helpful to you. A quick search of the internet will reveal them.

      There are are 2 very good Sunbeam suppliers here in the US that many of us work with – Classic Sunbeam can be found at, the other is Sunbeam Specialties at

      Enjoy your Sunbeam!

      from sunny South Dakota,

      Paul 64 Alpine V8, 65 Alpine automatic, 66 Tiger MkIA, 67 Alpine with 5 speed.

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      Welcome, you’ll find some very resourceful people here.

      Club member Bob Webb of Ohio just restored a ’69 to better-than-factory condition. His username on the forum is "65beam"
      … drop him a private message and introduce yourself. He may have some pointers for obtaining parts and techniques for restoration.

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      thanks for the info

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      I’ve had a GT since the late 80’s or early 90’s, although it certainly hasn’t been on the road all that time. I’ve got lots of used parts so I might be able to help you out with some things. Where are you located? I’m in New Hampshire. What shape is you car in?
      59 Rapier Convert.
      69 Alpine GT Coupe

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      i am in pa near erie i just bought this in new jersey about a month ago i think its a dam cute little car and you never see them around here anyway nobody even knows what it is when i show them it

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