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      66 Alpine starts and runs well but I’m not sure its doing its best.Has Weber carb,no overdrive,points,Bosch platinum plugs,original? distributor,new ignition wires,has the original but rebuilt mechanical fuel pump and a fuel filter between the fuel pump and the Weber.At 40mph tach reads 4000;at 50 mph,tach 52;at 60 mph,tach 62+.Readings at 50 and 60 may not be accurate since speedo and tach tend to jump a bit at those speeds.I am going to replace plugs with Champion N9YR copper plugs.Is it me or does the Alpine use up plugs? The heat in the deep wells? Plugs are inexpensive. Frank Mooney

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      Inspected the Bosch plugs, 3 had heavy carbon deposits,#4 was near perfect.Replaced with a set of Champion N9Y copper plugs.Alpine on test run then ran stronger with higher speeds at given rpms than before.I have to run and observe for a while to see if the carbon returns.Perhaps the plugs do go bad due to the heat build up in the recessed wells.I never observed any exhaust smoke on start up or when running with the fouled Bosch plugs.Start up is now easier but of course I always use the choke on initial day’s startup until the engine smooths out.Initial startup after a number of days nonuse will always[or has always] required a few tries.I figure the fuel in the Weber has drained out due to the layoff interval.Will report my observations. frank Mooney

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