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      Hello everybody.
      I sure thought my 62 would be finished by now.Some of you are well aware that I am changing my poor old but so reliable V6 (170000 plus miles) to the V8.It is a 302 with lots of Ford racing parts which looks like we could have about 270 to 285 HP at the wheels.All mechanicals are done but we decided to do a complete far the shell is in epoxy primer and the rest is almost ready for priming.It goes slower than I thought because of so many fun things to do with 9 grandchildren.
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      8) Oh yes it is sunny today

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      I know how that is. My Venezia restoration is also way behind my original schedule. And that is with only six grand children, of which four next doors. But they are great and the restoration wil get done! Just put the grille on today. At least that makes it look like there is progress.
      Robert, in snowy and cold New Hampshire.

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      Hi Robert
      I think if we had 1/2 our grandkids next door there would be no time.
      Just came in and the shell is now primed and bottom of the hood.
      In a few hours I’ll flip the hood and do the face side off the doors and trunk as well.Just about a year behind schedule.
      8) Its sunny and 0C or 32 F.Lots of snow around.
      8) life is so sunny

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