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      I was talking to John Esposito at Quantum Mechanics, Ltd. today, and we got on the subject of 5-speed conversions. John envisions putting together a bolt-in, no-cutting, totally reverseable conversion kit based on the Ford T9 5-speed with a .825 overdrive 5th gear for Alpines. This is a popular swap in the MG & Triumph world, but to date there hasn’t been enough interest from Rootes owners to justify the engineering. The projected cost (including a professionally rebuilt T9 w/waranty and all necessary parts) is $2600.

      So, would anybody be interested?

      Disclaimer: I have no financial interest in this project, and in fact no longer own a Rootes 4 cylinder engine, having gone the V6 route years ago.

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      There is a company in either Australia or New Zealand that offer conversion kits for the Alpine, which is half the cost of the previously mentioned kit but using the celica or suprs 5 speed gearbox. Not sure whether the gearbox is included though. Not knowing what the T9 gearbox is like, it seems faitly pricey.

      Regards, Robin.

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      I have a T9 in my car that came form a Ford Sierra V6. They should also be suitable for the 4 cyl engine as the gearing is not too high. Dont know what ratios the have though in the different models/countries.

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      Robin: Australian & New Zealand Toyota conversions price out at approx $3K after all freight, import duties, etc. (That is an apples to apples comparison including a rebuilt Toyota trans).

      Chris: T9 was only used in a few applications in US. Units being proposed would be the same as you are using, and imported from England.

      Thanks to you both for your input!

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