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      Hello everyone,

      i’m new to your Forum and i wanted to ask a question. i own a 1965 Sunbeam Tiger with stock block in her. i own a complete 351 block that i want to drop into her.. Is there anyone on this forum that has completed this type of project?? What are the steps and are there any kits out there to help. i did notice that the 351 motor is 1 inch wider, so it should fit. The only main thing i see that could be a problem is the height of the heads. Anyone know a lower profile heads that would work.

      if you do know any of this info please post on this thread or e-mail the info to me at ..

      thanks for the help

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      Hi Randy.
      Yes you can put the 351 into the Tiger.This is the route I went when I built my Lister clone.I do not think you would be wise to look at a smaller heads.To upgrade to stage 2 heads will add more width to the 351.
      I found this out for my 302 which is going in my 62. It was a bitchy job to install them.The headers for the Tiger will not fit without frame work.I had to use the stock cast exhaust manifolds.Even with these I had to remove some metal off the casting.Clearance for these to the frame are + 0r – 1/8th of an inch.It was also neccessary to notch the frame to allow clearance of the exhaust manifold when torque moves the engine a bit. Carbruater height will also be changed and will be higher..This I overcome by using the 1/2 inch spacer and cutting the neck height of the air cleaner down as much as possible.Under engine torquing it does touch the hood.
      Cooling and air movement are some problems.The best is to sit the engine back further to give space between the rad and fan. Get the best aftermarket COOLING fan possible.A full shroud is an option you definitly should have.Also a Griffin aluminum rad is not an option but a neccessity.
      I also have the hood louvered. I do have hoses running to the back to a grid.These allow more coolant to be carried.I can contol them with manual vaves in the engine compartment.Usually I only open these when it is HOT out there.
      I hope this was helpful to you.
      8) Oh yes its sunny again

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      thanks for your response.. do you hapen to have any pictures of your step by step project.. if you do can you e-mail them to me or post them..

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      I’m sorry for my english!!!
      I think it’s possible to put a 351 Ci in a tiger.
      but it’s necessary to know if it’s a 351 windsor(351w) or 351 clevland (351c).
      one is at 60° and one at 90° (i’m not very shure).
      it’s the only problem§


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      The 351 Windsor is from the same engine family as the 260 / 289 / 302, but it has a deck height of 9.480″ – 9.530″. That means the 351W is almost an inch taller and 2 inches wider than a 260 / 289 / 302 with a deck height of 8.206″.

      The 351 Cleveland (part of the “335” engine family) has a deck height of 9.206″ and is therefore not quite as tall or wide as the 351-W, but the heads have BIG staggered valves and are considerably larger.

      Both the Windsor and Cleveland are 90 degree engines.

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      Sorry for my answer about the angle!! 🙁

      I thought that 😥 😥



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      As Barry says the 351 is WIDER and TALLER.
      I have kept my 351W relatively mild.Although I could have had more in the power department I was aware the more HP equals more heat.It was ran 12 times on the dyno.Results at the end were 269HP but 330 pounds of torque virtually up to 4000 RPM and there wasn’t too great a drop at 5000 rpm.The equalizer tube in the exhaust is supposed to give maybe 10 more HP but I never cared to check this out.
      I do have a docile engine and it will pull in 5th from 800 rpm..
      Would I do another 351? the answer is an absolute no.
      I’m installing a 302 in the 62 and it has the goodies such as stage 2 heads.Ford racing roller cam and tappets.SS valves .You get the picture.
      8) and it looks like another sunny day

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      There is a way to have your cake and eat it too.

      A 5.0 / 302 short-deck SBF with a stroker crank displaces 347 cubic inches. With a good set of aluminum heads and a moderate cam (like Chuck is doing), the 347 should make considerably more power than a 351-W.

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      Tim Ronak built a 350 ci Lunati stroker (358 HP & 388 lb.ft. Torque at the rear wheels) and the article can be found at the TigersUnited website… … unati1.asp


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