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      Here is a dyno chart of the motor in my Tiger. … ochart.jpg

      As you can see there are two plots on the graph. My motor is the one that has 379 rwhp and 393 rwt. The other plot has 432rwhp, that’s about 500hp at the crank. The question is: if you were going to build a high hp Tiger which would you rather have?

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      Depends on what you’re going to use it for, and what happens below 3500 RPM with the zoomy engine. With the torque curve peaking at 5000 RPM, it will give a tremendous rush in each gear, once you get the RPMs up above 4000. So you’ll want to pair that engine with a close ratio gearbox and some steep-ish gears (depends on if it’s a street or roadrace application), for best results.

      Your 347 is going to be 100% more drivable on the street, but on the track you’re going to get left behind if that 432 HP engine was in a Tiger that was otherwise the same as yours.

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