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      What is the general complexity of the semi-stock Tiger carb. I have overhauled Rochester Quadrajets and Carter AFB and WCFB carbs but have no experience with Autolites. Anything "exceptional" to watch out for? Pretty sure I have a mal-functioning needle/seat or a bad float. Thanks, Bob

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        Stock Tiger carb should be an autolite ford 2bbl.. not a holley

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        Pardon my ignorance, it’s been quite a while since I looked up the carb specs. The carb on the Tiger is really a Motorcraft D4AE GA (2 BBL)which came from a ’74 Ford 351 engine. As mentioned in the original post, I don’t know squat about these animals so I’m looking for guidance. Thanks, Bob

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        This should help.

        They are very simple carbs, you can easily rebuild yours.

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        Thanks, Duke. I’ve printed out that repair schedule and my carb kit should be here later this week. Time to get my hands dirty. Bob

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        I got my kit today and I have my 2.75 carbs on the work bench ready to disassemble. I thought I’d experiment with one of the spare carbs before I dove into the "good"one. However the good carb has something neither of the other two have. There appears to be some kind of valve perched on the rear top of the air horn . What does it do and do I really need it ? Remember this is a "74 carb and I am not a fanatic about originality. Bob

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        Things got a little more complex today. On checking the carb #’s I found that the 1& 3/4 spare carbs I have are model C4DF S which I believe may be original Tiger carbs. Does it make more sense to put the rebuild kit into one of the original carbs ? The only down side is that the C4DF carbs spent last winter uncovered outside although I don’t see any exceptional deterioration. Kind of thinking out loud here, probably going to try and fix one of the originals. Thanks for reading, if you have opinion one way or the other sound off. Bob

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        I would rebuild the carb in the best shape. Check for throttle shaft play and other wear areas. Rebuild the best one. Rebuilding a worn out carb will give you nothing but headaches when trying to dial it in.

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