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      Charles Hicks

        I am rebuilding the factory ford 260 v8 for my Sunbeam Tiger. The mechanic working on the fuel system is urging me to go with a throttle body injection & make it look stock. My concern is that although this should make the car run smoother, it might hurt the value. Any advice/opinions are appreciated.

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        Paul and Mary Freen

          An interesting question. The value of the car is in the eye of the buyer. So I don’t know what people want. I have a Lotus Europa and most people ant a fast car and originality is secondary. The Tiger people seem to value originality more.

          I am building a Tiger that is as close to an original Tiger that I would have bought, if I had the money, in 1966. All the original LAT options that I think are cool.

          What Tiger are you building? You need to have a road map that defines what you want to build within your budget.

          Fuel injection would be great, but it is not original. However, I do all the work on my car myself. Carburetors can cost a lot to get right. A fuel injection system just requires someone that knows what they are doing and a laptop computer.

          You could build a restomod with disc brakes all around, a crate 500 HP engine and an overdrive 5 speed. It would be a much better car than original. Or you could buy a modern muscle car that would be much safer and faster at half the cost.

          It all depends on what you want and your budget.

          That’s my 2 cents.

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          I do not think throttle body injection will necessarily make your Tiger “run smoother.” A properly tuned 2V 260 Tiger runs very smoothly. Obviously you could keep the stock parts and make the switch… but I personally see no significant benefit for the added expense. Just my opinion.

          Grand Rapids, MI

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          Ken Mattice

            I agree with Bill Waite. A relatively stock 260 does not need injection to run smoothly and would look totally out of place. I just completed a totally blueprinted stock 260 professional rebuild. 100% stock Tiger from the outside. 2 weeks from now it will go on the dyno. Expecting to go from 164 HP to just over 200HP..If you want to call me I can share the philosophy and pertinent details of the build..
            Ken Mattice
            (214) 856 – 5124

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            I think that the “make it look stock” is a bit of a stretch?
            I’m not 100% up to speed on the fuel injection, but am pretty sure that a return line is needed? That would require a bit of modification.

            As noted above, it is your car and your choice – so do what YOU meets your needs.

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            I have a Holley Sniper TBI on my car. If you are trying to look stock that would be a lot of wires to hide, however the unit itself would just look like a carb under the stock Tiger air cleaner. That said my car has never been accused of looking stock

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            I would at least run the engine with the carb to make sure the engine build was OK, then think about fuel injection. 1st rule, never ever throw Tiger engine parts away – you might want to go back to original or the next person might.

            There are 2 bbl FI systems available and there are some systems that don’t require a full return line back to the tank but you need space for these parts. Your the owner, you have to determine what you want.

            If you have never driven a Tiger with a stock engine, you need to do that before you modify.

            There is very little you can do to a Tiger to lower its value other than wrecking it completely.

            Ron Fraser

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            Bruce Stutzman

              I just removed the msd Atomic EFI and installed a Holley 600 carb on my 302 HO engine.
              Yes, it had a return line.
              I feel more comfortable with the carb; a lot simpler

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              My vote for stock 260 is the original Ford 2bbl carb – a stock carb in good original condition will be very reliable and run well IMO. The more non-original you go the more initial up front costs as well as ongoing maintenance costs I have experienced. If your not needing/wanting more HP a stock 260 is a very enjoyable car – and usually very reliable.

              So, what did you end up doing with your 260?

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