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      Greetings everyone – I am a new member /owner and am looking forward to interacting with the experts and learning how to enjoy the ’66 1a i just purchased from another club member. The car is essentially a survivor and i hope to keep it that way except for some basic engine mods. Could someone please suggest some upgrades such as :

      new al heads

      new al intake & carb.

      street cam

      I am very much a novice with this car but have coveted one for years. I would like to boost the power but keep it streetable on pump gas and have clearance under the hood.Any help wpuld be greatly appreciated – thanks -george

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        Im not sure which alloy heads work on the 260’s, but as for manifolds and cams you have a wide choice.

        Manifolds, the period correct alloy opions are the edelbrock F4b.. they are on ebay for between 150-300 USD depending on condition. They flow quite well, or you can use more modern new manifodls edelbrock performer RPM, weiand 180.. but if the car is a survivor maybe get a F4b.

        Cams, if you are going to alloy heads you can switch to roller rockers and roller cams.. the factory option LAT cams used quite heavy grinds compared to todays cams.. thinking has changed.. maybe ring someone like crane or corwer and ask what they recomend for a street engine 260 SBF.

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        Michael – Thanks for the help it is needed. How about a 4bl carb? What i read kind of points to a holly 465 or 500 Would they clear on new intake ? – george

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        Jeff Nichols

          I had a 260 with the Edelbrock 289 low rise manifold and Edelbrock 600 cfm with electric choke and the car ran great. Some have said the 600 cfm is too much carb for the 260 engine but in this case it worked fine. Edelbrock carb uses vacuum secondary and only opens what is needed by the engine. In the 15 years I used it I never adusted anything other than the idle speed when new. Some swear by Holley carbs but they seem to need fiddling to work right.

          My new 260 engine has 260 heads with slightly larger valves and port work. Also, a street grind roller cam with roller rockers, roller chain, Edelbrock F4b manifold and 600 cfm Edelbrock carb. Another Tiger owner built a similar engine and got 278HP on a dyno and I’m hoping for similar HP.

          One other thing you should use is a Pertronics ignition.

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          Dude 234 – Thanks for the info. Do you think new heads would be worthwhile ? thanks – george

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            re the carb, size depends on how hot the motor is, as dude said he finds the edelbrock 600 fine, most would go for a smaller 4BBl on the 260, but if the heads have bigger valves, warmer cam etc.. the 600 might be ok. Personally i would go a smaller carb on a stockish 260.

            I would go for an edelbrock over a holley if originality is not a priority as i think they are a better carb and easier to jet and work on (and dont leak like holleys) thats just my .02 others might think otherwsie.

            The other nice modification would be electornic ignition.

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            Jeff Nichols

              "Thanks for the info. Do you think new heads would be worthwhile ? thanks – george"

              If you have the money its a good investment. Several owners have used Edelbrock aluminum heads and report good results. Plus you save weight because of the lighter weight versus cast iron Ford heads. The heads I bought were rebuilt and considerably cheaper at $325 versus $1000+ for aluminum heads.

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              Its also my understanding that you are limited to camshaft lift without having pistons with valve pockets I, talked to JE and a set of pistons 1100.00+ with pins and rings just more info.

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