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      It must be Spring in NJ – I’m signed up again this year to do the "6 mile" Walk MS Event on May 1… I guess that I sound like the proverbial "broken record" by now(?)
      Many on here know that Nancy (my wife) has been hit hard by MS – diagnosed in 1995, wheelchair bound since 2006, and still declining 🙁 … not fun to watch.
      As there is no prevention or cure, I’m left feeling basically helpless. That is why I started doing the Walk and Fund Raising… hoping that the National MS Society will be able to fund research that leads to the end of this disease.

      Any and all contributions will be appreciated.
      You can donate on-line at my "personal page" at this link: … r_id=27303

      Or contact me via phone, email or P.M. for further options and details.
      Mark Petri

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      Thanks to my sponsors so far… you know who you are 🙂

      Less than 1 week to go… who else wants "in"?

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      Jim Stone

        Mark: I know the disease and helplessness you feel all too well – my sister has struggled with it for more than 30 years. I would like to contribute, but the link you posted doesn’t take me to your page. I could navigate to that page if I knew your full name, but it might be easier if you could post an updated link. Or, send me your details in a PM and I’ll post the new link when I get to it.

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        Thanks Jim.
        I looked you up in the email roster and sent an email.
        We appreciate your support 😀

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        I updated the link in the first post and added the rest of my "real name"… please let me know if any issues.
        The links are kinda funny since it automatically signs me in on my computer and I don’t necessarily see what you will see?
        You can reach me via P.M. (here), email or phone (listed in roster).

        Thanks again.
        We are very impressed and most appreciative of the support from our TE/AE family 🙂

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        I completed the Walk this morning with no problem 🙂
        However, the weather was not very cooperative, it was about 50 degrees and a steady rain 🙁
        Thanks to all who chipped in!!


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        Great Job Mark
        I just donated today my bother passed away two years ago from MS
        I know its difficult to watch your loved one go though this .

        Dave Kulasa

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        Sorry to hear that Dave.
        Thanks for your help with this… I [and I’m sure many others] really hope that the researchers will come up with some answers/solutions.

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