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      Dan Richardson

        A special design for the 2.8 V6 in an Alpine, these straighback headers are similar to the Tiger Exhaust System. They do not stick out the side causing a difficult situation of routing the exhaust pipe back under the car.

        You will have a choice of the type connection for your straightback headers, a "slip type" for the collector or a Ball&Socket type ( I recommend).

        My Headers are made of mild steel in 3/8" thick flanges; 1 1/2" exhaust tubes into a three in one collector 2 1/4 " dia.

        I discovered that the 2.8 V6 Siamese Heads were designed with the bolt holes on each side of the exhaust ports slightly above center line and two bolts at the top (Put a straight edge along side the bolt holes ). There are "NONE" at the bottom for fastening the header. Instead FORD utilized holes in area at the bottom for emission/pcv. There is a potential exhaust leakage from over tightening the top two header bolts (It has been recommended that you not tighten to torque specs because you will "pull away the bottom of the header") causing the gasket to leak.

        I have made "slots" in the bottom of my header flanges where the emission/pcv holes are located (just below the exhaust ports). Cylinder positions are for No 1; No 2; No 3; on the right bank and No 4; and No 6 on the left bank.

        It is recommend you drill and tap these emission holes to 10 mm with the stock thread 1.5 approximately 5/8" to 3/4" deep. Metric Bolts and studs are furnished for the headers. Should you have headers now with 3/8-16 SAE bolts, get the factory metrics I sell for $1.00 each. They are 10.9 1.5 25 mm lg 12 point heads 12.9 hardness. If your header flanges are 1/4′ thick you might should order the 20mm lg.

        DanR has a full compliment of conversion components. E-mail: tiger2dan at gmail dot com or GOTO:


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