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      Hi all:

      In September, 2008 I bought a ’66 Tiger that had been in storage for nearly 20 years. In conversation with a previous owner I found that I am the 4th owner of the car which began its life in Ohio. The car is presently in Tracy’s Body Shop in Parkston, SD. Tracy has worked on many hot rods and custom cars and presently has a 1937 Paige in his shop along with my Tiger. The original color was Arctic White. It was repainted blue and then red. As part of the restoration I have had Tracy strip all the paint and will repaint it the original Arctic White. The body is in pretty good condition, all things considered. There are 4 patch panels that previous owners have installed. Since the installation was not up to Tracy’s standards, they have been redone. The doors, trunk lid and body have been stripped and are nearly ready for painting. The hood remains to be stripped – actually both of them as I have an LAT fiberglass hood as well as the original hood – along with the hardtop. When the body and other parts are finished and ready for painting the car will go up on a lift and the underside will be cleaned and stripped. While up on the lift I will weld in 3" conduit where the exhaust pipe passes through the X frame. I am hopeful that the body work/painting will be finished soon so that I can bring it to SUNI V in June.

      If you want to view a few photos click on the link below. That will take you to a PhotoBucket site. … 6%20Tiger/

      from sunny South Dakota,


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      Hi Paul,

      Make sure you keep us informed on its progress through the restoration. I like your choice to go back to the original colour as there are not that many white Tigers about ( something about the white that I like ). What colour trim does it have?

      Regards, Robin.

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