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      Ron and Cathy Stein

        This Tiger has seen the market twice since the beginning of the year. Now for sale at a dealer in Maryland and I believe is the same one sold at Barrett-Jackson in January at Scottsdale for $52,800, and now up for sale at $69,990. Not a totally stock car, and looks like a wide array of restored items that usually wear out on a Tiger. Also with a 300 hp 289 and 5 speed

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        James Lindner

          The seller is a well known classic car dealer here in the Wash DC area. A few years back We TAC’d a Tiger he was restoring. Looks like a decent car, if the mods are your cup of tea…but IMHO the dealer premium is pretty steep.I did not see any mention of TAC inspection.


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          I did see mention of TAC inspection at the bottom of dealer description, I like Nardi style steering wheel, don’t like red plug wires, washer bottle missing might not fit with large GM style alternator, but I noticed one used for radiator overflow, I use one on my car as well. Probably not a 5 bolt correct engine, but?? and I still like staying with 13″ wheels, just sayin’ mention of hard top, none original steering wheel, road wheels and engine/trans might be enough to turn collectors away, but this looks tome to be a great slightly personalized Tiger and I’m partial to red and green ones, Ha Ha!

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          Ron and Cathy Stein

            The Tom Hall reinforcement is apparently a smart addition, especially with added HP. I keep meaning to check my Tigers for any cracking. The kit is here, on Tom’s web site. It is a good read. He recommends inspecting your car annually. A friend of mine is installing the kit on the Tiger he is restoring.

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            Hmm, the ad states “Shelby’s first cobra”.

            I personally like it when the paint work includes the black behind grill. I just think it makes it look more finished.

            But still, a very nice car

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