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      Hey all:
      I’m new to this forum but certainly not Rootes Cars. I’ve been a member of TEAE for several years but let my membership lapse. I have a 1963 SIII GT in excellent condition and need an estimate of its value by the Rootes community. A full restoration was completed in 2007 and it’s been mostly garage kept ever since. Therein belies my problem. I simply DO NOT use the car. Although I start the car religiously every 2-3 weeks I only drive about 150 miles per year. I also own a daily driver 1959 Hillman Husky that I use regularly. The Alpine is cooler but I live in a city and the Husky eliminates any worry of starches, dings, or even theft.
      I have Rootes cars in my blood and will keep the Hillman but am thinking of selling the Alpine to a good owner that will use. What is this car worth to a Rootes guy?

      Some details on the 1963 SIII GT:
      This is a very nice, complete car but it is not show winner. It has its minor quirks and a top few coat blemishes but otherwise very good condition.
      • 1725 motor rebuilt with approx 7500 miles
      • Interior in very good condition
      • Soft top added for convenience. Nice conversion
      • I have the matching original hard top. Never use
      • All syncro tranny w/ overdrive works well. No problems
      • The single downdraft Weber purrrs
      • Extra cell added to stock re-cored radiator for warm weather climate.
      I would add some pictures but can’t figure out the process. Thanks to everyone for your help.
      John Carriere

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      Pictures can tell us a lot. Here’s a self-help thread on the use of posting buttons. You can post externally hosted pictures with the IMG tag like this for example.

      code :[IMG][/IMG]

      The market on Alpines has been up and down. With the practical modifications considered / the modified soft top / radiator mods / and later series engine. Depending on the perspective buyer those practical modifications can be considered value enhancing. Can we also consider the original Series 3 front suspension or Series V mod? Any original interior components (radio / clock / dash condition [presumably wood for GT])? Brightwork condition? Wheel type?

      Have you been able to find a comparable car for sale to see what others have been asking? Series 3 being the shortest production model can be compared a little more closely to the other early finned models. Alpines ranging between "complete rough rust free" and "show winner" have been advertised anywhere between $2,500 to $20,000. From your description you should be on the higher end, but judging how much to ask initially is going to be a breakdown of individual condition items and buyer negotiation.

      Anyone else care to weigh in on discussing considerations?

      Sure you don’t want to sell me your Husky instead? :mrgreen: Seriously, Husky’s are way cool!

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      There was a Series II Alpine on Ebay that just sold for $9,500. Not a GT but maybe a good starting point.

      Fred Baum

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      This might be a good test for….

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      Apparently I am still having issues posting pictures. I placed them in a Dropbox folder and tried to post again (see below)
      Thanks for all your comments and the Fuel List recommendation. Fuel list showed a car selling for $11,500 in Sept 2013. Not bad.
      My Alpine has aftermarket chrome knock off wheels which are in mid range condition. If I were to keep the car I’d buy a set of 14" Super Lites and be done with the spokes.
      Standard Alpine gauges, Temp, Oil Pressure, Tech & Speedo. No clock or radio. This is simply a very nice car that I hate to get rid of but do not use. And the Husky is NOT for sale. I need a Rootes car in my life to bring bouts of joy and frustration.

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      Dropbox doesn’t handle direct image links for a whole album. You have to use the [URL] tag to post an album. [IMG] links will work with any link that ends in .jpg, .gif, etc

      The car looks good. What’s the engine compartment look like?

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