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      I am looking at a S3 but could not read the Data Plate. Chasis number and engine number match (B9203917 LRX SB). The interior (seats, panels, carpet, etc.) is shot and out of the car. Car is painted white, but I don’t believe orig paint color could have been white. Based on original interior, red door panels (lying on the garage floor), then original color may have been black or moonstone (what is moonstone?). Can anyone help? Thanks.

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      Here’s a cross reference to berger numbers…

      Another Cross reference to Wattyl codes…

      This is Moonstone according to Behr.

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      Killer: Thanks. The paint on the car seemed like a bright white, not the greyish tint of the sample you provided. But the interior of the car, including the trunk and engine compartment, are all the same color. Will have to investigate further. Also, the underbody/frame is coated with rustproofing which probably is not factory. Door fit seems off as well, but no signs of bondo or waviness in any of the body panels.

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