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      I recently came upon the chance to purchase an 1962 Alpine from my late uncle’s estate. The family knows nothing about the value and I was hoping I could get some information from people on this forum? The car is in the southeastern California desert and is in pretty rough shape. My uncle ran the engine a few times a year to keep it going, and the body is in good condition, but it pretty much ends there. I really want to restore this car, but I have no idea what is is worth in this condition.
      The original engine has 39,401 miles on it and it turns over but needs some work. I have the original hard top, but a previous owner modified it to fit a much smaller back window for some reason.
      The interior needs to be completely redone because it has been sitting in the California desert for many years.

      My question is this:
      I need to pay the estate of my uncle what the car is worth.
      I have tried to research online and I cannot find what it is worth in this condition.
      Can anyone here help me figure out a good price estimate in USD$?
      I have attached several photos to show you what it looks like now.
      I want to restore this car, but I need to know what it is worth in this condition so I can pay my relatives a fair price for it.
      I was really hoping to get it for around 500$ because I’ll probably pay at least that much more to transport the vehicle back home to northeastrn Oregon.

      Any input on the value would be greatly appreciated.


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      To gauge the worth I usually see what other folks are asking. You’ll have to gauge any sentimental value against the cost of restoration. My motto is buy the best you can and spend less money and time on restoration. An Alpine is the type of car you own because you enjoy it. If you want a restoration project, your uncle’s looks good as long as it has all the parts.
      I question the value of the hardtop, since its been modified, and its hard to see what it needs to be un-done.

      Here are some craigslist adverts to compare against, varying condition.
      series 2 comparable, asking $2700
      call this guy, looks pretty good condition. You’ll spend more restoring your uncle’s.
      presentable series 5, more common, and presumably runs and drives $2200

      See if that generates some discussion….

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      Looks like a solid car to restore assuming there is a floor still in place once the carpets are removed! You didn’t show any engine photos but if it runs and the mileage is correct there is lots of life left in it. It may even have an overdrive which is a plus. Is OD stamped on the chassis plate? Early big fin Alpines that run and drive are getting pretty rare so I hope you can restore this one. As far as a price, I paid nearly $1000 for a S2 that had a body in far worse condition than this one. You may be able to cut out the small window and restore the top. If not, they are still available for low prices compared to the later hardtops. I think it is great that you want to keep the car in the family. Keep us posted! Eric

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      IMHO – Unless you can do all of the work yourself, I’d guess that you’ll spend much more than the car will be worth on any sort of restoration. The part$ and material$ alone will add up.
      From a sentimental standpoint, it would be great to have the car all done… but be prepared – up front -for the realities.
      A non-driving Alpine should be pretty low end, a few hundred $$ would sound right to me.

      Good luck with whatever you decide.

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      I think $500 for a family deal would be OK. In NYC area it could be more but in truth you will spend a good deal on it to make it a dependable attractive car. However if its not a rust bucket I would suggest making your case for being the right person to restore the car. Figure that to do the brake system properly you will spend about 300-400. The price of the interior parts are reasonable and if you are handy doable on your own. $1000. Paint would probably be best done in a professional shop. $3000-5000. Then there will be new tires $00-500, battery, door seals, etc.


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