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      I might have made a mistake. What else is new? Need some advice/help on wheel/tire issue. I bought some 16" Panasports for my Tiger and mounted 205/45/16 Toyo Proxes’. The tire store can put these tires on the rims without using the machine. They go on and off by hand. I don’t think that’s a good thing.

      Does anyone out there use these rims and if so what tires fit? I’m into these rims for what to me is some serious $$$. Thanks for all advice. Bruce

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      Isn’t Jim Morrison running 16", or "just" 15" ?? Robert

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      Problem solved. Panasport has done some very creative engineering on their wheels so the "scare" of the tire coming off the wheel going down the road after hitting a bump is not a problem at all. They seem to seal very tight and lock in place. They make the wheels the way they do so that you can change a tire without a machine if you’re running on a track. It’s really ingenious. Thanks for the reply. Bruce

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      Can you let us now where you got the 16 inch wheels and how much fender trimming it took to fit them? Also the off set or part number.

      Thanks Jim

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      I bought the wheels from Dale’s Restorations in San Bernardino, CA. I found him very helpful and asked him lots of questions which he patiently answered. I took all the bait and purchased the disc brake conversion kit from him also, front and back.

      These wheels look great with 205/45/16 tires mounted. I won’t know about any pruning until after I install the engine and things can sit where they’re supposed to. I suspect I will have to trim the front apron slightly in order for the tires to clear without rubbing. No fender modifications according the Dale.

      Check out his web site for prices/pictures. He offers quite a few upgrades/improvements but all for a price. I figured what the heck, do it now while everything is going back together rather than later. Getting too old. Bruce


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      did you end up using any spacers on the front? (and back?)


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      I didn’t have to use any spacers. Front & back rims are machined so that the rims clear what they have to. Getting ready to install motor and will then know what has to be pruned off the apron when the car is fully weighted. If I live to see this through to the end I’ll be very happy…what a project but I think the payoff will be incredible. Bruce

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      just saw this thread. for the record, on my panasport 16’s i have 205/45 on the front and 225/45 on the rear. bf goodrich, g-force kdw’s.

      some offset on the wheels, more on the back, not sure how much. i have flares but nothing else about the wheel arch modified and i don’t think the flares are essential for this setup.

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      What’s the latest? Did you have to do any fender mods?

      I’m worried about cutting up my car to install new rims!


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      The motor is in, and running…awesome, all the weight is on the suspension and it appears that I won’t have to do any pruning of the front apron. The car is not yet on the road, still finishing the wiring and waiting for a few essential parts – steering wheel for one. The car hasen’t settled yet so I won’t know about trimming the apron until I get it out on the road and the shocks have time to adjust. Looks like I’ll be OK. Bruce

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      Thanks for the update!

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