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      I applied through Classic Motorsports Magazine and was selected for a new part time job ā€“ Tire Tester for Vredestein… the Sprint Classic radials are intended for older / classic “sports cars”, and available in my preferred [and hard to find] 205/60-13s (for the Tiger).
      This is a modern high performance / ā€œVā€ rated summer tire with classic looks, available in a range of 13-14-15 & 16 inch sizes to suit our old cars. These are rated Traction A / Treadwear 220 / Temperature B.
      The prices are very reasonable as well.
      I’ve only been on two joy rides so far, but they were smooth and quiet up to [& well beyond] the posted highway limit. I’ll follow up once they are broken in and I can push them around some curves.
      I dug thru some old files and found that I had purchased Vredestein ST70 tires back as soon as we bought the Tiger in 1985! What comes around goes around, I suppose…
      mounted & ready
      new shoes

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