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      For those who havent already seen it the #1 prototype tiger assembled by Ken Miles as a feasability study for Rootes is for sale on e-bay…… the price is currently at $24,100 with reserve not met….. nice looking 63 with documentation including a letter from Ian Garrad. Check it out . … AMEWA%3AIT 😀

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      It went over $40,000 and didnt reach minimum


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      This car was sold in February in an auction in the environs of Palm Beach.It went for $45,000[plus auctioneers fees] as I recall.Beautiful shape but I couldn’t get over the auto transmission being chosen for the prototype. frank mooney

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      Let me correct my August 9,2005 posting.I had posted on The ROOTES History site in March 2005 a report on the sale at auction of the Ken Miles/Ian Garrad prototype TIGER.The venue was the Boca Raton Florida Polo Club.The announced sale price was $47,500 plus auctioneers fee. frank mooney

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