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      Did another 1/2 mile race Sun May 1st . One hundred cars at the event in Rantoul Ill. Here’s a video of my fastest run at 157.25mph. I also ran a GT 500 , AMG E36 (modded ) , 2016 HellcatCharger twice, and a 911 Turbo S (modded) . I won every race except against the 911 Turbo S which ran 161 mph.

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      Nice job Hugh 😀 Fantastic!
      The Legend of the Tiger will continue to grow while you are out there killin’ these high-end, high-$$, late model rides.

      I’m a bit surprised that the GTR did not pull out a little at the start… seems like the awd should be some advantage?

      Keep up the good work (and the fun 8) )

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      At the drag strip the Tiger can do a 1.5sec. 60 foot time with the drag radials (225/50 15 ) set at 16psi. Here’s a video of the Tiger against the AMG and the Hellcat . The Tiger is at the start and the 10.0 mark .–4WW5zQ

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      Nice – thanks for posting the videos.

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      How is the stability at 150 mph? I have always heard these cars get a little light in the front end.


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      The Tiger is stable up to 150mph , above that speed it starts to get light at the tail . I have a front air dam and another deck lid with a spoiler which I am going to try next race. My guess is with the air dam and spoiler the car will be more stable but slower (more drag) .

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