Wow is there a job opening for TIROST?
    Probably not. The car may or may not be a re body. Just because Norm blessed cars that had the original drive train doesn’t mean it’s that car, but could be. There’s been TAC state ID cars and even ones with no JAL or VIN.
    I made a comment about one car on the East Coast that had an obvious home brew JAL only.
    This “race car” had no title either.

    There’s been cars that lost tags due to body shop incompetent people, and every other reason. There’s a LR winner with a fake tag as well so it depends who you are and who worked on the car as well as your TU skills and scores. But bottom line is people get scared off by fake tags due to the stories and the TIROST , ” car could be crushed.” By the cops.

    Lock barrels often go with doors that have been swapped. First look deep for original body color on em and save yourself the headache. I’ve seen one Tiger with a state ID in the same number as an original car.
    There’s also a car that left Cali with a state ID that got a title wash and registration with their old number and a repo tag. This is a big deal for our cars as no secondary exists,

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