Sean Johnson


    I do not have the ledger page for this particular car, but IF the rear axle number and the gearbox number are available… I could find out what the JAL and Chassis number should be. There is a source for correct JAL repro’s.. The vin tag is a little more complicated… there are three different fonts for the characters as these were supplied to Jensen (who assembled the cars). originally the tags would have been missing the last one, or possibly 2 digits of the chassis number as well as the color code and the actual engine number. The group number (B19KC) would have been on the tag supplied by Rootes.

    It would also be helpful to have the key numbers. The ignition and door key number was stamped onto a lever on the exterior door handle. The handle has to be removed to see it. the cubby box and trunk lock number are stamped onto the bracket that the trunk lock is riveted to.

    I would want to see pics of the engine bay (top hats and trans bulkhead), the underside of the car (cruciform and LH outrigger), prop shaft tunnel and trunk floor (inside and from below) to confirm the car is really a Tiger before I pass along the particulars..

    there are hundreds of differences between a real Tiger shell and an Alpine. Very few people know all of them. Usually cars that are presented w/o tags are either recovered thefts of a genuine car, or a converted Alpine.

    If you can establish the car as being genuine, then the lack of tags is a lesser hit… Then you can establish the car as genuine and explain why the tags are absent.