Donald Berkley

    I agree. It will not be difficult to manufacture the Dzus fittings and specialty-fasteners.com has all the parts that I need for reasonable prices. Also, I looked through my box of Alpine parts (I’ve owned 3 or so Alpines over the years but never actually drove any of them) and I found one original female Dzus part with the spring that I can use as a model. I should be good now.

    Gee, I also found a half dozen of the trunk lid stop bumper parts, which my Tiger never had.

    My Tiger will be a driver. The last time I spent a lot of time with it was 38 years ago. It’s been in the garage all that time. I was going to do everything myself and my wife (God Bless Her) said I should just have the body done by a pro. “That way it will get done”, she said.

    So, I stripped the body of everything and found a pro that I really liked. I got it back just before the new year. Now I am in the process of putting it back together.

    38 years ago I did not have the Internet. Now I can look at pictures that often show me items that my Tiger had been missing and I am including those as I put it back together. My Tiger was mostly complete body wise and mechanically. It is nice to be able to add the smaller items that were missing.

    By late Spring or early Summer, there will be another Tiger loose on the streets.

    I have attached a picture of my Tiger as it left the shop to come home.