Sean Johnson


    I don’t buy and sell cars, so that part of club membership would be of no value to me. I don’t go on local tours either. Something about 8 back surgeries makes driving over long distance uncomfortable, and in any event, if I’m driving, I do not want to be surrounded be people driving 10 miles an hour under the speed limit.

    What I do, is pre-sale inspections, service and full restorations. My being on the forums allows me to pass along information for parts sources and general technical information. I can do all of that without being a member of a club. I do not need to advertise; all of my business is repeat work for long term clients and referrals. I’m as busy as I want to be.

    I passed along the info on these 2 cars in the hopes that it might save someone from being separated from their money, and for no other reason.