Robert Rehman

    I’m aware of the issues when changing to dot 5, I’m a dot 5 lover, every collector car I own runs dot 5 and this one will eventually. the sponge you refer to disappears after a short time and does not return, as far as changing brake fluid goes other than you, myself and Tiger Tom I see no one in the industry doing this. They think I’m crazy. of course I change antifreeze every 2 years also and run distilled water and they say the same thing. on the residual check valve issue – every Ford vehicle since 1939 has a residual check valve built into the master cylinder – even 65 mustang sihgle bore cylinders, I still can’t see how any brake system can keep air out without one, that’s what it’s there for, if my problem persist next winter an inline residual valve will be installed to the rear only