James Lindner

    I have used a Uhaul car trailer to tow my Tiger several times over the years…the last time to SUNI in 2021. I seem to recall it was a flat rate of about $50/day. There were no mileage charges. You had to return the trailer to the same location you picked it up from.

    I will say…be careful when loading. The Track (width between centerline of tires) on a Tiger barely covers the width between the ramps. You only have an inch or so on each ramp. USE TWO PEOPLE. I have had to do it alone and then I barely get the car onto the ramps, shut it off and set brake, get out and check where tires are on the ramp and if OK get back in, start it up and load it.

    See the attached photo from the 2021 trip. Notice how close the wheels are to the inner edge of the ramp. It is the same on the other side.