David Hall

    Of course a trailer is better than a tow dolly, and an enclosed trailer is better than an open one.
    UHaul will rent their car trailer by itself. They are rather vague about what is an “acceptable” tow vehicle. Neither my old Toyota Sienna with tow package, nor my wife’s Lexus RX 360 will qualify. Not sure why, perhaps tow hitch height. Of their trucks, the pickup will work, or the van. But now you have to pay mileage, 69 cents per mile. For me, 900 miles at their “special rate” for 5 days was $708 plus tax and gas. Additional miles would be 49 cents per. Would love to have my car there to get a TAC certificate, not certain of the wisdom of driving it that far. Have not checked with Penske, but from their website you’d need to rent one of their larger trucks to get a car trailer. So a trade off of renting a truck and trailer, with wear and tear on them vs my own, vs using the tow dolly I own. David