Sean Johnson

    My Everflex top came from Sunbeam Specialties. As for the top cover/boot, He should have them in Pebble for Tigers, and smooth grain for Alpines… he has in the past. Currently, Sunbeam Specialties only has the tonneau covers in pinpoint, but they can be obtained on a special order basis in Everflex, just ask. Both the pin point and crush grain material is very stiff and hard to install, or refit once it has some age on it. The crush grain doesn’t hold up well over time, the pin point is just about indestructible, I have one that’s 25 years old that still looks like when I first installed it. I just prefer the look of Everflex. These are NOT cheap either. I bought an Everflex tonneau for the Prototype Tiger I restored a few years back… It was more expensive than the top.

    As for storing the tonneau cover, I bought a tonneau storage bag for an Austin Healey 3000 MK3 from Moss Motors, part # 641-075 $64 USD These are made out of Black Everflex with cotton tie straps