The Cobra is 2140lbs. w/o the rollbar. The weights are 50.1f ,49.9r.
Doug is correct, in a Tiger with a stock rear suspension 400 hp is not useable in AutoX. However I also run my car at the dragstrip and in open track events where you can never have enough horsepower. The Tiger also has a 3link coilover rear suspension with a Eaton Tru Trac (torsen) differential which allows it to power out of a turn much better than a stock Tiger.

Good guess, I have one of Mark’s front suspensions.

Here’s how my Tiger went on a diet.
Dip the car and remove the lead from the factory. Doug Jennings says there is about 80 lbs. of lead and undercoating on the cars. 80
Aluminum engine block 50
Aluminum heads 50
Aluminum intake 15
LAT hood 14
Griffin radiator 14
mini starter 7
change to alternator with aluminum bracket 10
change from Toploader to T5 (gforce gearset) 40
3link coilover rear suspension 40
coilover front suspension 50
no convertable top 17
seat swap ( I only run 1 lightweight aluminum seat for AutoX ) 45

Total 432lbs.

There are a few other things that are only 1 or 2 lbs each and the 6pt rollbar added back 60lbs.
I’ll update the weight around 1 March when the motor swap is done.