Sean Johnson

    The soft tops and tonneaus sold by Sunbeam Specialties are all made by Robbins. They have three different types. The pinpoint which is quite heavy, British Everflex, which is the correct material and fits the best, and the Haartz type cloth top. I had one of the Haartz type tops on my own car for 20 plus years, but they require regular treatments to preserve the look and color of the top. I’m not a huge fan of the pinpoint material, because it is so heavy, it is very difficult to make fit right, even using a steamer. They also do not last much longer than 3-5 years. Because they are so thick they tend to fold and crease, then fail on the folds

    I just bought a Everflex top. these are really the easiest top of fit, and if you are careful stowing the top, they will outlast the pin point type material. Cheap, they are not. Almost $600 with shipping.