Last question first, Marcus. Essentially all Tigers use the same top cut. There were two different grain (texture) patterns used. Most were the popular pinpoint vinyl type. An expensive alternative is the Fabric HAARTZ top.

I must preface the following comments with the following caveat. I have been out of business for about twenty years so I can not vouch for current vendors.

Here’s something to be on guard about;
Unfortunately, the original pattern used by many, if not most top manufacturers is incorrect. They do not fit correctly. Look at any Tiger on the Internet or car show with the top up. In most cases, you will see verticle wrinkles back of the window verticle cantrail. Also, notice the flaps are stitched approx 1″ too high on the top. See the illustration. Of course, some wrinkles are a result of poor installation practices. But the major problem is incorrect pattern. If you see an Alpine or Tiger at a show with a neatly installed top with no wrinkles and the flaps seams are not more than 1/2″ above the sheetmetal. ask the owner what the top brand is. Good luck finding a correctly cut and installed top.

A popular top supplier, Robbins, was making the tops using the incorrect pattern that contributed to the side wrinkles. Not sure if they ever updated their pattern.

Most wrinkles are a result of the incorrect top pattern and exasperated by poor installation. Installation requires a significant amount of frame straightening related to the alignment of door windows, toggle clamps, windscreen, attention to hinge operation, etc. All this is another story.