James Lindner

    Okay, had my LAT 9 wheels balanced yesterday. Place that did it was Radial Tire in Silver Spring, MD. The drive up was a little bit more wobbly than I expected, but I kept the speed down and made it without any disasters.

    Paul at Radial Tire can spin balances the wheels right on the car. See photo. A machine spins the wheel and he adds, subtracts and moves the weights around until he gets it right. How does he know…lightly touches the fender while the wheel is spinning. When no more vibration…success. Onto the next tire. The back wheels are balanced on the front and then moved to the rear. I was a little concerned about this, but when you think of it, not much difference than spinning the wheel on a balance machine and then moving the wheel to the car.

    The drive home was smooth as silk…other than my brake master starting to fail.