The thread was discussed on CAT . IMHO it’s an that the ledger page was allowed to remain and further that BaT has allowed other pages marked do not reproduce on their platform. My complaints to Coventry went “insert chirping crickets” as well as at the club level asking others to suggest that Coventry sends out a single line for a requested car not the whole page. But I’m not sure that BaT comparable sales are really comps as several ended up with the second high bidder. I know this because some seller’s told me personally. D. Milners MK2 was propped up although it was a nice car by “friends of the marque suggesting to others to use the Thumper rule. Commonly If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing. Fortunately Sean and the couple others cooperated. I’m not saying Dave’s car wasn’t nice but it was missing and had a few reproduction parts on it like the grille. It sold with the stainless steel one and the original is on eBay.
    Some see through the Tiger guys comments and label them fanboyism.
    Real comps are hard to come by for a number of reasons. But that MK2 did sell and it’s story is a Newport collector hired dealer was the hi bidder and he completed the deal.

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