The rub on lettering is AND A BIG THANKS to : SunbeamAlpineTigerSpares.co.uk where you can order. FYI I did mention to them they should look into same concept for dash lettering and was told ‘thats a good idea’ so hoping they can provide that also down the road. Re dash letter, I have used letraset lettering in the past – kind of a pain because you basically buy a sheet with a 100+ individual letters and you rub onto your dash (and correctly position, center, align, etc) each individual letter one letter at a time – not fun but it is not difficult either, more of a make you mind up and do it sort of project. Do it – if you make a mistake, you just carefuly scrach off the rub on lettering and do it over. Note, you do need to clear coat over these rub on letters otherwise they rub off very easily – I recommend 2-3 clear coats to make them ‘POP’