David Hall

    So you have an original 6 bolt 289 engine, and the original type aluminum bellhousing for a 6 bolt, with wide pattern facing. Your transmission is a narrow face close ratio appropriate for earlier Mkl and MklA Tigers. Your iron bellhousing is a later one for a 351 Ford. Your options would be finding an original Mkll transmission, perhaps from someone who went to a five speed. The internals for a Mkll should be a wide ratio set up, which most prefer over a close ration. The narrow ratio gears have value to some. You can rebuild your transmission with wide ratio gears. Go to http://www.davidkeeetoploaders.com for lots of info and pictures and explanation. Dan Williams is also a great resource, and rebuilt my narrow ratio to wide ratio for about $1100. Don’t think he has a website, does all the work himself, and loves to talk on the phone (after noon EST)
    If you use your present case, you’ll need to either use a later scatter shield (Quick Time or Lakewood) or modify your present aluminum bellhousing. New aluminum is added, in order to tap the appropriate holes for the narrow pattern trans face. Randy Willett, in NH,who goes by oneoffive on other sites (not sure about this one) could do it for you.
    Or you could go with a 5 speed… but $$$$ David