Richard Fritz

    Dave… 3 years ago I replaced the tires on my 63 GT. I researched the size and brands for the car. I looked at everything from original size, tall tires to more modern wider tires. I also studied the rolling radius of these tires to find the one comparable to the original tires. I came up with the Maxxis MA 200 185/70-13 tire. They fit the stock 13-inch wire wheels and filled the wheel-wells nicely without and tire rub, front or rear. Unfortunately, these tires are no longer available, and the replacement tire isn’t available in 13″.
    Your choice of Kumho 185/70-13 is a good choice. Check out thin website for availability and price. They are listed at $86 each and delivered to your door in 2 days. I liked Simple Tire and their service.