Dan Richardson

    I have made a few changes out of necessity:

    1. Added two items to the Kit.

    a. A 1/32″ thick spacer utilized for spacing the caliper with the rotor.
    b. A replacement for the Sunbeam Alpine/Tiger E-brake rod. It does not have the 90 degree elbow. It
    is designed to be cut to your required length & it is threaded for a 5/16-24 Yoke (Yoke is provided).

    2. The Kit sells for $900 including shipping to lower 48 states.
    a. Axle Housing brackets to Caliper OEM Bracket Quantity 2 each (1 each side)
    b. SPACERS Axle to Housing 1/4″ Quantity 2 each (1 each side)
    c. SPACERS Axle to Housing 1/8″ Quantity 2 each (1 each side)
    d. SPACERS Axle to Housing 1/16″ Quantity 2 each (1 each side)
    e. Spacers Axle to Housing 1/32″ Quantity 2 each (1 each side)
    f. E-Brake lever replacements for Saturn stock lever quantity 1 each (RH & LH).
    g. Plate replacement for stock vacuum plate quantity 2 each (1 each side).
    h. BOLTS 10 mm 1.5 x 25 12.9 for Axle Housing Bracket to Caliper OEM Bracket Quantity 4 each
    i. BOLTS ¼ – 20 (Alpine) 5/16-20 (Tiger) w/nuts and washers quantity (depends on # of spacers).
    j. Also calipers; drilled rotors; pads; hard lines w/tee and hoses
    NOTE: Brackets, Spacers, E-brake rod, Levers and Yoke will come powder coated.

    PDF and PIC’s are available


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