Hi Pat,

I do remember talking to you about United. Sadly it was not long after that she decided to stop stopping.

I have been through an emotinal slalom with the car ever since. Do I sell it, Do I fix it, Do I hot rod it, Do strip it back and make a race car. I still havn’t fully decided, but I know I have to get it going whilst I do decide.

I’d like to make a few shows over here with the car before I do anything with it just to give people a chance to see an original Vogue Estate. Then I’ll better know what to do with it. I have been out of the car club loop for a couple of years with both this and my Aussie Charger not being on the road, so I have forgotten how much help, support and inspiration the car club fraternity can be.

Some ‘Series’ parts will fit ‘Super’ models. And the ones that do changes from model to model. I have some part number info but probably not enough to succesfully cross reference every Rootes part. That leaves photo identification as the only option. I pulled some suspiciously Alpine looking parts off the car so there is a good chance that series 5 brakes (rear at least) will work. The fronts I am told are the same as MGB (which is worrying since the car is twice as heavy), but I am not inclined to order a set on the hope they might fit, therefore I need stuff infront of me to compare.

Pat, it seems you are local, get in touch and maybe we can meet up somewhere, or you can come over and see the old girl.