Pat J, thank-you for the consulting offer, I’m sure I will take you up on it once I start having a look at what I’ve got, probably sometime this winter.

Mark1A, I am planning to come to French Lick for a day to have a look at all the hardware and of course take some pictures. I’m not sure if it will be Friday or Saturday and I haven’t figured out yet if I have to register for $100 to walk in and have a look or if the registration is for cars and events.

Alpine_64, while I liked the original Tron, the current version doesn’t work as well for me. In neither case had I considerd the graphic theme for my vehicle, but you’re right, I could trace out those lines with an electroluminescent wire with a 12V converter and light them up at night. I’ll keep it in mind, but I’m more tempted to wetsand them all off as a first step.

Thanks for all your kind replies, I’ll appreciate the membership more as I start to work, but right now it’s mid-summer and I was just taking one of my kids out for his first drive behind the wheel of the Healey, and I don’t think he liked it! Hard to imagine, but I think he’ll change his mind once he’s out on his own in it without me there to chat at him the whole time.