quote Duke:

quote Twin Turbo Tiger:

245-60-15 tires

Hey Jerry, I have followed your car closely on the various forums you post on. Great car and fantastic results. I would be ecstatic to get my car in the 11’s. Please post details on the wheels you are using and what you have done to get the 245 to clear. Would also like to know some of your lesson learn when you were running NO2.

As far as “You are on the cutting edge……a pioneer of sorts”, I feel that I have done nothing new. With guys modify these cars for 45 years now, I absolutely do not want to do anything new. New =’s expensive.

I am looking at the torque arm and quad shock option to help control the rear end.

Thanks for the feedback thus far.

Duke when I started out racing my tiger it started as a 14:90 something car, then it broke the rear end so I put a 8 3/4 chysler rear end in with a 3:90 gear, then a C-4 tranny and 3500 conv. then a 150shot of NOS I ran NOS for a long time and also I ran the stock 13" lat wheels with American Racer tires and got the car in the 10’s. Now it started getting tough to go any faster.
Duke, I’m really old school on alot of stuff. I have’nt heard a whole lot on the torque arm, but I run a copy "cat" of the cal-trac system. To get the bigger tires on I move the springs inboard by taking the spacer on the back of the spring and moving it to the other side of the spring perch then I rewelded another spring perch in the front some work but it worked. I also cut the inner fender up about 10" and also took most of the inner lip of the fender well out and rolled it up. I did’nt want to flair out the fender wheels so I took a small pipe and carefully rolled it back and forth and stretched the fender out a little. I moved the rear end back about 3/4 of inch I slotted the perch so the spring pin would stay aligned.
I got up to a 375 shot with the NOS was’nt going any faster but really blowing stuff up 🙁 That when we changed to a power gluide and a World Products short block some good AFR heads and a couple of turbo’s, the car goes into the 9’s with ease and I have’nt really put a bunch of boost to it.
Everybody thinks I’m crazy for running the car this fast with out a full roll cage and all the safety stuff and I’m not saying something could’nt happen and i PRAY every time I make a pass something does’nt happen. If it was a decicated race car I would change out alot of things, but its my go to the store car, drive to a car show and sometimes we even drive it to church so my God has a chance to take a look at it and keep me safe.