Frank Mooney et. al. – I know it is nearly 13 years since the correspondence about Frank’s issue with overheating and when, once parked with the engine off, the car not starting again for some period of time. A defective coil was identified as the culprit. I am curious if Frank or anyone else can speak to whether the coil was indeed the problem. I have the same issue with my ’66 Tiger which I purchased a few months ago. Runs fine on I-95 at 170 degrees; runs hot in traffic (200-220 degrees.) Hot or not, it often (50+% of the time) fails to re-start for 30-90 minutes. I have been guessing that it is the fuel pump or possibly the ignition wire getting so hot that it loses its conductivity under extreme heat.

I just joined TEAE and would welcome any thoughts from more experienced owners.

As to the overheating I also welcome suggestions for fixes. I have a six-bladed fan which no doubt helps. I do not want to put an air scoop on the hood (LAT-79) but I have been considering putting air vents in the hood. Curious if anyone has an opinion or experience with the vents and their impact on overheating.

Thank you for any thoughts. JP DeVillars