My advice to anyone looking for a particular car is to find someone near you or the car you are looking at that is familiar with that type of car. Unless you are positive as to what makes a Tiger special verses an Alpine, have someone look at the car for you. There are too many holes to fall into and sometimes pathways to disaster can be avoided with a trained eye. Let us know where you are or where a Tiger is so we can help you. I have helped many people whom I did not know with purchasing BOSS 302’s, Shelby’s, and Tigers. Never stole anyone’s deal nor charged for looking. Never hurts to ask for help in my opinion.

Tell us what you are looking for. Condition, color, stock or modified, price range, etc. Lots of us know of Tigers out there.

My windows go about .75″ above my hardtop seals. Looks odd, but that’s the way they are on my Tiger.

Gerhard in WI