Ron & Linda Jones
    quote Killer:

    How’s the re-assembly coming along? Were you able to source all the parts you needed?

    Hi Killer,
    Wow, it’s has been awhile since I posted an update. I pretty much spent last summer putting her back together. I made some pretty good progress on the interior, wiring, guages, trim, top and replaced the brake lines and master cylinder. By the beginning of winter, I got her to start and was able to test drive, but I had a god-awful noise, I thought, was coming from the engine. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from and was getting pretty depressed. Around Febuary I got a guy to come over, who knows a lot more than I, about these LBC’s and he was able to tell me that it wasn’t coming from the engine. With that information, I figured out that the plastic steering wheel surround was vibrating against the column and it was resonating in the steering box. Since then I’ve made a lot of progress. She is now roadable and I have tags and have done a couple of test drives on the road. Still have a few bugs to work out, but she’s just about ready for her coming out party. Will a bad exhaust leak, @ manifold/downtube, rob power?
    Thanks for asking, I’ll have a final update within a few weeks, I hope.
    Here are some photo’s I took today