"I mean, is there another type of hub or combination of hub/adapter that would work? If not, does anyone have a nice steering wheel with hub for a Tiger that they would sell? Thanks in advance for any input."

Hello from beautiful, sunny South Dakota

I believe the hub for Moto-Lita will also work for the Nardi steering wheel. I believe the six hole mounting pattern is the same for both Moto-Lita and Nardi. The Moto Lita hub is available from
several different sources. The Moto-Lita hub for the Alpine and Tiger is ML-B29. It is about $94 US when purchased through the Little British Car Company. You can visit their site at:
http://www.lbcarco.com/cgi-bin/gen5?nex … 2012248&p=
and typing Sunbeam Alpine in the search box. The hub for the Tiger is the same as that for the Alpine. I hope this helps you.

Paul A