Ron & Linda Jones

    Hey Eric,
    In the DC/Balt area, it’s a great price. Macco wanted $1400 just for a 2 stage paint and they are about the cheapest major shop, w/o a very good rep. My wife wasn’t that impressed last night, but she looked @ it this morning and is now raving about how good the parts, I brought back, look and she’s a harsh critic of anything "guy-like". There was a break in the monsoons, this afternoon, so checked to see if she could come home today, but the guys didn’t have their truck at the shop, so will have to wait until tomorrow, if the sky doesn’t open up again.
    Thanks for the offer to give them a plug. The name of the shop is: Top Choice Entrprises Inc, 7440 Roosevelt Blvd, Elkridge, Md. Dave and Blair run the place.
    They have a SIV or V, in decent shape, but rotting in their lot, someone has left, some time ago. I’ve told him that if they got a mechanics lean, I was sure someone, in the community, would be interested.
    I can see myself, in the shine and thats w/o wax :mrgreen: